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An undercover cop in the heart of the Ghetto of Spanish Town, Sells Ammunition to thugs in every gang. While they fight for turf and politics, the society crumbles and all out war breaks out in Spanish Town. Every man for himself secretly, but no one admits that in this war, but some youth that say they are "Hot Heads', stick together and defend one another.

Directed By : Nicholas Lewis, Executive Producer

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The Final Cut for Hot Head Will be Released Soon.
The Unedited version of this movie was unfortunately
released without being finalized.

To Whom it may concern, the movie was not released by Rivoli Entertainment, in 2009 but a member of the cast had a copy of the test unedited version in November 2009.
This means that all the copies of Hot Head around the world are not the completed version.
Hot Head (Final Cut) coming soon!-
C. Browne, August 27 2012.

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Whats new with Rivoli Entertainment.
The Sequel For Hot Head Coming Soon ! Toronto, Canada
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VIDEO SHOT BY @clinfordbrowne
Produced by : Rivoli Ent /  YMG

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